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Aug. 8, 2014:
Dates and times have been set for services this year. Make sure to like us on Facebook to stay current.

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Come join us - no membership or fee required!

For over a hundred years, National Jewish Health (formerly known as National Jewish Hospital) has been home to free Jewish High Holiday services, open to the entire community. We've never required any tickets, membership or payment of any kind -- our doors are open to you.

Please join us for any or all of the following services:

Rosh Hashana Services -- Thursday, 9/25/14
Rosh Hashana Services -- Friday, 9/26/14
Kol Nidrei -- Friday, 10/3/14
Yom Kippur -- Saturday, 10/4/14

For a complete schedule, including start and approximate end times, click here.

What kind of services are they?

Our High Holiday services have a mixture of Hebrew and English, with plenty of opportunities to participate or to sit in contemplation. For more info, click here.

Come welcome the new year with us this year!